Alumni in Sustainability

Adam Fishman ’10

Founder; Strategy and Operations
Onora Global

Adam graduated from Dartmouth where he majored in sociology, Spanish and international studies and he’s working on an MBA through Babson College. He is the co-founder of Onora Global, a research and action lab for conscious change and environmental healing. Onora is pioneering the field of gratitude-based learning and development, partnering with schools, companies, sports teams, citizens and more to apply positive psychology and design thinking that unlocks potential and leads to environmental change. Why I work in sustainability: “What led me into sustainability was a Facebook video about climate change that terrified me as to what it meant for our future. This ‘wake-up call’ led me to create a one-stop-shopping technology platform to channel climate anxieties into action. The start-up took a drastic turn when Brophy classmate, Wyatt Rodgers ’10, asked me, ‘What would happen if you lead from a place of love instead of fear?’ This led to our gratitude-based learning approach.”

See how Onora is helping guide Brophy students in their sustainability efforts in this article from the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

Pete Rau ’05

Vice President, Solution Consulting

Pete graduated from Boston College where he majored in theology and environmental studies. After two years with Teach for America, he attended Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, graduating with a Master of Environmental Management. He leads Solution Consulting at Ecovadis, the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings. He’s reviewed the sustainability practices of over 3,000 companies and leads a team of experts that trains thousands of buyers across the globe, advises clients on the rapidly evolving due diligence regulatory landscape, leads customers to take action based on sustainability risk analyses of their supply chains, and offers guidance on a variety of sustainability issues. Why I work in sustainability: “I couldn’t imagine pursuing any career unless its central mission was to make a positive impact on the world.”

With 50 million people globally caught up in some form of modern slavery due to supply chain demands, a solution needs to be found. Read an industry article by Pete on how procurement practices can help.

Aaron Redman ’01, Ph.D.

Instructor, School of Sustainability, ASU College of Global Futures

Sustainability Consultant

Arizona State University, Independent Sustainability Consultant

Aaron studied environmental policy at Rice University, then joined the Peace Corps in El Salvador before earning a master’s and a doctorate in sustainability from Arizona State University. In addition to teaching (online) at ASU, some of his current projects as a consultant include working for a company that supports development projects abroad for the U.S. government (he was working on a project in Ukraine when Brophy News spoke to him), leading the development of global education indicators for the Monitoring and Evaluating Climate Communication and Education Project, and contributing to an annual review of “10 New Insights in Climate Science.” Why I work in sustainability: “My time at Brophy was critical to setting me on a sustainability career path. While there, I discovered through an immersion trip to Oaxaca, a huge need to improve so many aspects of society; at the same time, AP Environmental Science introduced me to the many environmental challenges we face.”

Read “10 New Insights in Climate Science.”